Custom Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

Kitchen and Bathroom cabintry are in three classes:

  • Standard:You can get these at the "big box stores." They come in a limited selection of styles and common sizes.

  • Semi Custom:This group is as above, still very limited to what style is already produced, but with a better selection of sizes and options.

  • Custom:Custom cabinets are built to order, exactly as you wish from start to finish, including everything from the species of wood and stain or paint color to the shape, door style, hardware, joinery, and the exact size you are looking for.

Custom cabinetry is the only type that
Comfort Square produces.

These pilasters have diamond shaped, granite accents that
match the granite counter tops.

All the materials are hand picked with care in order to give
you the finest quality possible. Every piece of wood is
carefully looked over before it goes into the product.

Can you ever have enough cabinets in a kitchen? Adding
more storage space to a kitchen is not a problem if you
have space for them.

Custom designed valance and diamond shaped grill work on
the doors add to the beauty of these cabinets.

Even the mirrors can be made with custom moldings.
While the cabinets are being made, the quality is monitored 100% of the time. If something doesn't look right it gets re-done.
These cabinets do not roll off an assembly line.

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